Who Am I?

AnorexicSo who am I?  I’m still not sure, that is a work in progress.

What am I? I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend, a fitness freak, a gym rat, a vegetarian, a mother to a cute french bulldog, a nerd, text-a-holic, an animal activist.  I’m strong, sensitive, impatient, delicate, always late.  I’m an internet, twitter, facebook, social media addict.   I’m not perfect, I fail, I fall… I get back up.  Everyday is chance to make a better me.

My most important pursuit in life is to cut through the unimportant drama of daily life & find my own inner happiness.  One day I hope to live my life free of constant negative internal  talk.  I want to be comfortable in my body but MORE important I want to be confident and inspire others.

I’m 31 & I struggled with anorexia, bulimia, distorted body image, excessive exercising etc for almost 10 years.  I was fortunate to


have amazing parents and inner strength that helped me throughout my recovery.  I can say that I am 95% recovered.  But I like many women/men still struggle daily with body image, food issues, lack of self confidence, & general feelings of discontent!  If there is anything I have learned from my journey through recovery is NEVER GIVE UP!

My wish for this blog is to connect with people who struggle, people that have fought back and never surrender, people who inspire, people with unbreakable strength.  My wish is that my words touch other people & that I can somehow make a difference in the world.


8 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi,
    You sound so similar to me, it’s sort of scary. I’m so glad you’ve set up this blog. Congratulations on your own recovery and on inspiring others, too. Your own strength will encourage others to find their own.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Wow!!!! You remind me of me! I too struggled with bulimia for over 15 years, i hated myself and felt like i was nothing for soooo long. Today i have changed my life around and became a personal trainer and athlete myself! I would love to connect with you so please email me:)

  3. Hi there! Your about section could be my about section to a “T”!!!! Although I’m not as brave as you to openly write about it….in fact, no one in my life really knows of my struggles!! Good to find you! 🙂

  4. Hi my name is Zoe

    I am 18
    5ft 10 BMI 15.2

    I am recovering from anorexia and compulsive exercise.

    I really want to overcome and stop the feeling of wanting to burn everything off afterwards by exercising and by that I don’t mean The Gym, running, purging, laxatives, I just walk everywhere or pace the house or do housework .

    I eat 2500 calories a day
    I do 2 hours of walking + housework

    I really don’t know how much exercise I should be doing or how many calories I should be eating .
    I don’t have my periods , I haven’t had them for 3 years now .

    Please can you help me ? as i really want to get better but I’m finding it so hard to overcome the exercise thoughts after eating.

    I hope to hear from you x

  5. Hi there,

    How are you?

    I’m an academic student at Birmingham City University in my final year and working on a project that looks into the culture of “thinspiration” girls, who are obsessed with achieveing the ideal body image.

    I love your blog and would like to take just 10-15 minutes of your time either by phone or face-to-face to get your opinion on thinspiration and eating disorders. I could also e-mail a small list of questions if you would prefer.

    I understand that you must receive several e-mails a day with requests such as this, but I’m a very professional , mature student.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Molly Coaker

  6. Love this blog, you’re a real inspiration and give me hope to get through the hell of anorexia. Keep up the good work! Sian x

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