30 is the new 20 they say!


If 20’s are for foraging your way in life, making mistakes, fumbling through the darkness, swimming without a life jacket,  learning lesson as you go!

Does that mean then in your 30’s you should have it all figured out?

If that is the case then I have failed the point of 20’s and would like a redo!

Does there ever come a time when we have it all figure out? Life, relationships, love, family, career, inner happiness and peace.  Is there ever going to be a time in life when we are overwhelmed with happiness, completely satisfied with love, living and loving our passions, fit, healthy.  All our relationships; friends, family, co workers in perfect harmony.

I would say no… and isn’t that the point of life!  That we have to struggle to succeed, battle before we are born, rain before the rainbow, darkness before the light!

There is never going to be that ‘perfect’ time!  The RIGHT time! When your completely fulfilled!  Because as humans we aren’t perfect nor would we want to!  And there is and always will be room to improve!  Room to be more then you ever thought possible,  room to be happier, more satisfied, more complete!

I battle my inadequacies everyday! Whether it be loving myself, inner happiness, finding fulfillment  in work, my relationships, in life, in myself!  How can one really divide their time between all aspects of life?  How does one find that magic equation that makes them work together harmoniously.   It’s difficult to put 100% into every aspect of your world.  When one area of your life is going great another is suffering!

So what now… do we give up!  The bubble is burst! We all go home!

NO! We keep battling to find that magical equation!  The equation where everything we ever wanted orbit our soul in unison!   The equation where we are blissfully happy, living our passions, friendships & relationships adding even greater happiness.  The equation where we love ourselves, our bodies, our minds, where we live peacefully within our own mental chatter!  The equation where we find someone who compliments our equation.

It won’t matter if its tomorrow, next year, when we are 40 or 80.  Life has no time restraints!  It’s what we make it… and I plan on making it effing amazing!



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