Sometimes what you thought you wanted most in life …Was just the stepping stone to something better


Everyone has seen lately – mostly through social media my ups and downs – especially in the last couple months, if I was being completely honest, more lows then highs.

I finally feel like I have found some peace in my life, not because  my life is any less hectic or any less troubled or trying … but somehow somewhere in the midst of all the chaos, I finally GOT IT.  Guess all those talks/advice with friends, family, my own inner dialogue … something STUCK.

I cling to things or people expecting them to fulfill my emptiness, create my happiness, be my savor, my need to have the perfect body, my habit of clinging to relationships and men that were over a long time ago.  Thinking somehow if I had that perfect body that life would be better.  If I tried harder in relationships, changed, compromised, anything to make him love me the way I needed.  What I realized is that cliché saying ‘HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHIN’ … is actually true.

Having the perfect body is never going to make me happy.  The perfect body doesn’t exist, not in my head nor in anyone else’s.  Perfection is what you make it … beauty is all in the eye of the beholder and we all see things VERY DIFFERENT.  What one person see’s as beautiful doesn’t always capture the eye of another.  In the end … I have to be able to look myself in the mirror and see my own beauty.

Be proud of ME, proud of all I have accomplished, how I’ve grown.  I may never be a doctor, scientist, President.  But what I do know is that I love the people in my life.  I pride myself knowing everyday I wake up to be a better daughter, sister, friend, mother (to the cutest French bulldog) then yesterday.  I pride myself knowing  I’m always there for people in my life.  I may not save the human race, but I try to spread my positivity as far as I can, share my journey with others so they don’t have to feel alone.  Hoping my story, my struggle, my battle, my strength might influence someone else, make them reach out for help, realize how precious and wonderful life is & its worth fighting for.   I pride myself knowing I will continually strive to make a difference no matter how small … my little dent in the universe.

Finally realizing I can be perfectly happy ALONE, no longer needing to cling to men and relationships that are going no where for fear of being alone.  Trying to make something work that is clearly not.  Compromising myself, my values, settling for way less then I need and most importantly DESERVE.

The wonderful part about finally grasping this knowledge and actually having faith in the belief mind, body and spirit is how LIBERATING IT IS, how FREE you feel.  Released from your own chains … peace.

& the cherry on the top … your heart,  your head, your soul are all open to receiving what the universe has planned for you.

Alis Volat Propriis 


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