I know that we sin but I do believe we try

Sometimes I wonder if marriage, children, house, white picket fence are in my future.  When I was younger I never gave it a second thought, I thought it was all just a process, a progress of life, why wouldn’t I this is what we were taught.  I thought I would meet the ‘man of my dreams’ which in turn would result into a magical proposal followed by a fairytale wedding, honey moon, succeeded eventually by children (or child in my case).No one told you when you were a child that, relationships, love would be so hard to find! And once found such a struggle to maintain.That famous statement men are from mars women from venus couldn’t be more TRUE.

Finding and maintaining love in this day and age is even more challenging then when our parents and grandparents were younger.  The sanctity of marriage no longer has much credibility.  People have lavish weddings only to find themselves in the middle of ugly divorce’s a year later (or less). Social Media makes cheating and creating the iillusion that the grass is greener on the other side.  Women and men have no respect for the sacredness of love anymore.

Back in the day life was much easier.  I know this will sound very antiquated but women used to stay at home with their children attending to chores around the house (job without pay) and the man worked to bring home money.  There wasn’t internet, social media – couples went out together.  I don’t pretend to believe cheating didn’t exist back then, but there was less outward distraction to aid in the break down of love and relationships.  Divorce was not only frowned upon but was taboo – making couples think twice!  II don’t want to go back to living in that period but I do think there is something to be learned by those generations.

The older we get, the more life we live, the more failed relationships we experience, the more tainted we become our innocence fades.  We no longer enter into a relationship with a clean slate but rather with the wounds of our past.  No longer do we just have to battle the differences between men and women and the struggle of a relationship but battle the scars of yesterdays relationships, trying to heal each others silent torment that we didn’t create nor inflict.

What is the solution?  Do we continue to plunge into relationships dragging our baggage of former suffering, tainting something that which is pure, never having a clean slate.  Or do we take a leap of faith, do we take a risk with our hearts just for the chance of maybe getting everything – love, companionship, marriage, friendship – the fairytale.

To be completely honest having had my share of painful relationships which have resulted in my own invisible wounds, some which have yet to heal, I’m not sure if I can say with all genuineness that I could take that leap of faith, let my guard down with the faith, hope, courage that I might find my ‘Prince Charming’ & finally find the love that I dreamed of as a little girl.


3 thoughts on “I know that we sin but I do believe we try

  1. Your blog is so true. When we as girls are young we get read stories, watch the princess movies, learn to play house and play with babies. But no one ever told you love Hurts!!!! Even though my heart is a muscle it has some serious DOMS!!!!! As each year goes by it looks as if my dream of a husband, nice house and a child or two, just may possibly will not come true. The ones I thought were the ones are piling up, and make me look at my judgement. I don’t know why our generation is lacking to true mean of everlasting love. It will only continue to worsen.

  2. I’ve often considered these same thoughts…there really is no “right” answer – I do agree with you:I think modern life is so complicated in a lot of ways. The “perfect” life is NEVER perfect. Just be YOU, because a happy relationship doesn’t necessarily guarantee personal happiness anyway 🙂

  3. To each their own. Life is full of hard decisions and it is up to all of us as separate beings to choose what we are going to do and what chances we are going to take. I went through a couple rough relationships before I found my wife. Our relationship is not perfect like what you see in a movie or something, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The imperfections are what make it fun in the long run. I do agree though that a good relationship is hard to come across these days. People are changing, roles are changing, the world is changing.

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