Fake is the new trend & everyone seems to be in style


Boobs boobs boobs!!! I love fake boobs.

This may come as a SURPRISE, but yes, I have fake breast.  You can close your mouth now from SHOCK! (joking).

In this day and age the world is crawling with silicone & saline. Back in the day breast augmentation or plastic surgery may have been taboo, but in today’s era I’m pretty sure everyone has a friend or acquaintance who has fake breasts or some sort of plastic surgery.

I personally am a fan of plastic surgery…. in moderation.

No one should want to look or echo something un-natural.  I do believe in some cases some people should be prohibited from having too many surgeries (example Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wilderstein, Amanda Lepore).

I think there is nothing wrong with people wanting to better themselves, if they are able to financially and wish to change something physical about themselves then who is anyone to judge.

I find it disgusting when people point and label you fake or superficial because you’ve had plastic surgery like breasts.  Isn’t our society based on fabricated artificialness.  Everyday most woman wake up, plaster themselves with makeup, false eyelashes, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, cover up.  They blow dry, straighten, curl their hair, hairspray, mousse, gel, extensions, blonde, brunette.  They wax, shave, thread.  How is any of that ‘natural’.  Forgive me if I hold my head up high and my boobs out when you try to bring me down with your repugnant stares.  If we were all being honest with one another we are artificial to some degree.

All that aside, plastic surgery isn’t something to take lightly, you don’t just decide over night that you want it.  Remember  – you are put under, there’s a risk that you could die, there is pain, you can experience complications, you may not get the results you want & most important plastic surgery doesn’t change the inside.

If you’re considering plastic surgery because you think it will change your life drastically –  you will be deeply disenchanted & unhappy after your surgery.

Here is MY DISCLAIMER – make sure you have done your own research & that you are getting plastic surgery because YOU want it!

Why did I get fake breasts?  Ever since I was 15 I wanted them!  Unfortunately I got sick with anorexia, and that became my life for 10 years.  Once I was in a good place in my recovery, I revisited the topic again.  I debated for 2 years over whether to get them or not.  Finally it was either “shit or get off the pot”.  My decision – fake boobs.

Why did I want them?  Plain and simple I wanted to balance & proportion my body.  I wanted a more rounder shape & I wanted them to sit higher.  I personally like the look of fake breast, this look isn’t for everyone.   If you like natural looking breasts that is great!

Having suffered from anorexia, I was not under the delusion that bigger boobs were going to change my life or that I was going to be instantly happy.  Just as the delusion of being skinny didn’t make me happier either.

Like anything in life having fake boobs has its downfalls.  Creepy dudes starring – let me tell you this get’s old fast.  Men approach you thinking your easy.  Men who barely know you thinking its appropriate to ask you how big your boobs are what amount of CC’s you got or think its okay to touch them.

When you go out you may get a lot of attention, great right!  You would think!  Is it the RIGHT attention?  Most times it isn’t.

And as I said previously in this blog I will reiterate again IT GETS OLD FAST.  

Woman & especially Men don’t always take you seriously, they think your an airhead, stupid, fake, artificial, fabricated, superficial and therefore treat you that way.    Even if you and your boobs come with a PHD prepare to fight to prove & justify yourself.  In the business world, fake boobs definitely don’t do you any justice, unless modeling etc is your line of work.  Sad as it might seem dress appropriately – make sure you have a few turtle necks on hand in your wardrobe!

Alis Volat Propriis


2 thoughts on “Fake is the new trend & everyone seems to be in style

  1. great article! all true points. If it helps, I don’t think of any female as air head or dumb because of their fake breasts or plastic surgery. It’s the same in some aspects as people thinking professional body builders are just stupid because of who they are, when in many cases they have degrees and own businesses. But, I won’t lie, big boobs are hot and I have done my share of staring, sorry.

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